Cuban Culture-

By: Alyssa Wheatcraft

Cuban Food-

In Cuba there is a lot of different food. Some of these foods are citrus fruits such as oranges,and lemons. Other foods are rice, and vegatables, sugar cane, corn, okra and cassava.

Cuba Dance:

Cuban Clothing-

Clothing in Cuba is usually casual. People mainly wear cotton and linen. It is also normally light-weight as it is very hot in the main city which is Havana. Women wear clothing such as skirts and jeans, a blouse, or a T-shirt. The men usually wear jeans or cotton pants and a T-shirt.

Music And Cuban Instruments:

  • Bata Drums
  • Bongos
  • Cuban Laud(12 string guitar)
  • Claves(2 cylinder blocks you rub together)
  • Marimbula(Cuban Thumb Piano)
  • Flute



  • Religion- the religion in Cuba is Catholic
  • Language- the language in Cuba is Spanish



Cuba is an island.

And That's Cuba!!!

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