Unimistakable Impact: Chapter 6  
      Intensive Learning Teams, pg 193 - 197

STRUCTURED CHOICES: an effective way to make a group decision

  • determine the possible choices
  • put up one piece of chart paper for each choice
  • have participants put up sticky notes with their ideas
  • leave time for participants to move sticky notes, add new, etc. throughout the course of the day during breaks, etc.
  • evaluate at the end of the day what consensus is reached

AFFINITY DIAGRAMS:  allow a large amount of information to be generated and organized very quickly

  • participants write down ideas on sticky notes
  • affix sticky notes to the wall
  • sort stickies into groups that are related (without talking)

DYNAMIC PLANNING: six easy steps to develop an implementation plan

1. Everyone in group lists on index cards the tasks that must be completed to reach a goal and lays them on the table.

2. The group organizes the tasks listed on the cards into the sequence that makes the most sense.

3. They estimate how much time each task will take.

4. They write on the card when each event will be completed.

5. They decide who is responsible for completing each task and record those names on a card.

6. Complete a spreadsheet that lists all the tasks, when they will be started and completed, and who is responsible for completing the task, and everyone gets a copy of the spreadsheet.


Guidelines for ILT Introductory Conversation

  Review the guidelines from the chart on page 196-197. Which questions or prompts could you see using in coaching conversations with teachers? In what context?

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