In life, there are many social temptations. Most of these temptations are very hazardous to a persons overall heath. Peer pressure can manipulate ones thoughts and tangle up our minds, and not for the better. Our choices are all we have, each choice we makes matters. What foods we eat, the exercise we get are surprisingly more important than we think. That double-cheeseburger with extra fries could turn into your first heart attack.

One topic in an average persons live is the dangers of smoking and drugs. These things can change someones demeanor in a flash. For instance, social smoking and drug use in High School for a few years could turn into a lifetime of drug abuse and disease. The problem is that in the moment someone is being offered a temptation, they most likely aren't thinking it will be long term- this mindset can be deadly. When it comes down to it, we really need to understand that our lives are precious. Most people are given a healthy strong body and take it for granted. Just smoking one cigar could lead you down a dark path, because that one cigarette could have already took over the persons life even by willingly agreeing to try it. You can clearly see the dangers in a situation like this.

Just like smoking, alcohol use and drug abuse have countless victims. Every year almost 443,000 people die from smoking/alcohol use in the world and almost 8 million are left with serious diseases caused by these bad choices. Same thing goes for the choices of what we put in our bodies.

Junk food is basically "the American way" we have all come together as a country to completely ruin our society. Unhealthy eating habits are the #1 reason in the world for death, disease, and illnesses. Having a balanced diet is very important for the social and mental well being of a person. Having an overall plan for your heath is a great way to say happy and healthy. Creating boundaries and a knowledgeable mindset for your future is the key to a good life.


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