Egyptian Discovery!

Year 3

Photo from the Guardian website

Last week, we edited photographs to make ourselves look like Howard Carter. We had some very impressive moustaches! This week, we will be thinking about the next part of our scrapbook - the objects that we found in the tomb!

Task: Go to the British Museum website's Explore section by clicking on the link below. You should only see objects from ancient Egypt.

Choose two objects to write about in your scrapbook. Save pictures of them into our class folder, and answer the questions about them on the worksheet:

- What is the object called?

- What is it made of?

- Who might have owned it?

- What was it used for?

Reminder: To save an image, right-click on it, then choose 'Save Image As'. Make sure that it's being saved into the right folder.

Extension: If you finish, you can start editing your photographs of objects to make them look old. Go to Pixlr Express using the link below, click 'Browse' and choose your photo. Don't forget to save it with your name afterwards!

Here is an example of what your object image might look like after editing:

Photograph from the British Museum website, edited in Pixlr