iPad Apps for Mobile Learning in K-12 Classrooms

EDU 210 Module 9: mLearning


Mobile learning is becoming more prominent in K-12 classrooms with the emergence of new technologies. I have outlined below five apps that I think can be beneficial in classrooms of varying ages.

StoryKit App

StoryKit allows students to create their own books with texts and pictures, or they can pick from some classic stories and fairy tales and change the endings of the stories.

How it can be used in the classroom: Creating stories is something that most students do in lower grades to learn plot/setting/character development as well as grammar and spelling. With this app, students would be able to create stories with ease and keep all their stories in once place.

Math Evolve

Math Evolve is a gaming app that teaches math. It is a fun and exciting way for kids to practice math concepts.

How it can be used in the classroom: This would be a good tool to have for students who finish other work early. If they have nothing to do while other students are still working, they can use their time to play this game to practice their math. The app shows immediate results so students know which area they should focus on. This app would be good for primary students.

The Right Word

The Right Word is an app that helps people practice words that are commonly mixed up, such as there, their, and they're, along with other homonyms.

How it can be used in the classroom: This app would be good practice for students that consistently mix up their words. It is more fun and engaging practice than doing other alternatives, such as worksheets. This app would be good for older primary students.

Cell and Cell Structure

Cell and Cell structure is an app that teaches the parts of plants and animal cells. It has slideshows, videos, and interactive activities.

How it can be used in the classroom: This is a good alternative to teaching a topic that is usually approached with worksheets and memorization. The app makes learning about cells more interested and engaging, which could help students remember it more easily. This app would be good for secondary students.

Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection is an app that allows for virtual frog dissections.

How it can be used in the classroom: This app could completely replace actual frog dissections. Many students are uneasy with the idea of dissecting an animal so this app would be very good for those students. Furthermore, the app could be more clear than an actual dissection, as it could be easier to see what you are working with, and you don't have to worry about students messing up their dissections!