There hasn't been a very recent war in Liberia. So, I will discuss the most recent one: the Second Liberian Civil War that took place from 1999-2003.

In the article linked above, BBC succinctly summarizes the Second Liberian Civil War that took place from 1999 - 2003 in Africa's oldest republic. The war erupted due to political oppositions between Liberian president Charle's Taylor and a neighboring government in Guiene with rebel armies. Meanwhile Ghana, Nigeria and others accused Taylor of backing rebels in Sierra Leone. Around 250,000 people died in Liberia's civil war. The conflict left the country in economic ruin and tarnished with weapons. Today the capital remains without  electricity and running water. Corruption is abundant and unemployment and illiteracy are endemic. The United Nations has intervened and some 15,000 soldiers still reside in Liberia making this the organization's most expensive peacekeeping operations (Liberia).

Who are the main opponents?

Two main opposition groups controlled between 60-80 percent of the country at the time. The main opposition group, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), had been fighting President Taylor since 1999 and had grown from a northern-based movement to a force that now controls the majority of the country. Another opponent was the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL), based in southern Liberia.

Any other countries involved or concerned?

Yes, various other countries were involved in this war. For instance, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Guiene, United States and various others.

How is this conflict being conducted (i.e., what tactics: terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, drones… etc.)?

The conflict was conducted through rebel groups that armed heavy military arms.

What was the cause of the conflict (as far as you can tell)?

Poor government and pre-existent internal conflicts.

What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently? Include your evaluation of the effectiveness of these peacemaking efforts or suggestion for what would be more effective.

The United Nations intervened in effort to solve the problem peacefully, although it was not totally non-violent because they instilled troops. An alternative could have been reached to make peace with the nations through non-violence but I think they were practical because it was effective.

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