Scene in Bunkhouse

      Curley,pretending to be a boss always orders Crooks to prepare a horse for a ride.Once Curley wanted to impress his new wife by showing off his riding skills.So one day he tells Crooks to prepare his horse in front of his new wife.He took many rides on that horse but that day the horse was weak,and so he fell off from the horse and broke his back.He get embarrased himself in front of his new wife.He gets angry and said loudly,"Where are you N-WORD"?.Crooks came to the site of incident.Curley being angry grabs Crooks by his collar and took him towards bunkhouse.

       When Curley came in,George and Lennie were subsiding and blowin in the jack.Curley just smacked Crooks and done a bit in the ring.As Crooks got afraid so he started arguing by mimicking himself.Curley yelled at Crooks,"What did you gave to the horse Mann"?.Crooks replied in soft words,"It wasn't my fault sir".Everyone outside were trying to peer into the window. Although by beating much,curley wasn't complacent.Curley than kicked him and he got hurt in his legs by getting tripped over the playing table.Crook screamed loudly,"Somebody help me.".Every one moved away seeing Curley's anger.

     It was rattrap for Crooks as he broke his both legs and wouldn't walk throughout the door.

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