The word “growth” describes the industrial revolution very well. During the industrial revolution, the economy grew massively. With the invention of multiple manufacturing processes and machines, products such as clothing were much easier to produce. Along with the high supply, came better prices. The market was flooded with consumers as suddenly many different items previously too time consuming, expensive, or dangerous to get were available to the common person; But in exchange for this, child labor also grew, being the cheapest form of labor at the time. Children who worked in the factories had very dangerous jobs, and were most likely not educated because they spent their time working in the factories. These factories were dangerous because they had many massive unprotected parts all connected to a powerful water wheel. Water wheels were soon replaced with steam engines, allowing factories to be moved away from streams. These steam engines marked the start of growth of pollution. The word growth defines the revolution because it boosted the growth of many things, such as the economy, consumers, jobs, and also pollution.

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