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Concentration camps refers to a camp which people are defined,usually under harsh conditions. In the Nazi 1933-1945 concentration camps were in integral feature. A concentration camps is mainly a place where large numbers of people especially political prisonors are deliberately imprisoned. The commander of the camps is Chief Himmler.

10 Interesting Facts-

1. They were are often referred to as extermination camps or concentration camps.

2. The first concentration camp was built as soon as Adolph Hitler was appointed

3. Holocaust was a time when 6 million Jews were killed through out concentration camps

4. Camps incarcerated a large number of people into a relatively small area

5. Before WW1 it had been said that 200,00 people were sent to concentration camps

6. All people in concentration camps were not sentenced for the same amount of time

7. All people in concentration camps had to wear a sign on their clothing that indicated what group they were from

8. 1945 is when Allied forces liberated the concentration camps

9. The Nazis gave Concentration camps a really bad name- that's how it got their name

10. The first concentration camp was discovered by thoes fighting

                               5 People included w/ Concentration Camps

1. Mr. Richard Suffit - He was a Auschwitz survivor

2. Mr. Van Horen - Was a Flossenburg survivor

3. Ludo Van Eck - Is a Belgian survivor of Dachau

4. Edmond Chatel - He told to mother about his experience in vaught concentration camps

                                  What hero is associated with this topic?

Julian Bilecki - was just a skinny teenager when he and his family hid 23 Jews in a underground bunker, saving them from the Nazi deaths.

Why is it important for people to know about this or what should they remember?

It is important for people to know about this because the way we live now is much more different than back then. Many and many people struggled back then, they were forced to do almost everything. Almost at any time in their life they could have gotten killed. Remembering the Concentration Camps is critical. Hopefully most people know and learn about Concentration Camps.

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