Fight for what you want

Where the Lilies Bloom

By Vera and Bill Cleaver

Mary Call tries to keep promises that she made to her dying father and realizes that she may not be able to keep all those promises.

The first promise that Mary Call made to her dad was she would keep the house and family together and not let her older sister Devola marry Kiser Pease. Kiser is 30 and Devola is 18. Roy Luther, Mary Call's dad thinks that Devola is not smart enough to handle the family responsibilities.

The second promise that she made to her dad was she and her siblings would bury him on a Old Joshua and they wouldn't tell anyone he was dead. If they did they could get separated.

Mary Call thought that keeping these promises to her father would be easy but, when winter came it became hard for Mary Call to keep the house in good shape. People also where looking for Roy Luther and that became really hard for Mary Call to hide. Mary Calls brother and sisters began to be annoyed by Mary Call telling them what to do.

Mary Call soon realized that the pressure of keep her family together was harder than she thought and she now needs a plan to make everything back to the way it was. Then she realized that in order to get back to the way things were she would have to marry he sisters boyfriend Kiser Pease. Kiser said no, he said he was going to marry Devola and he did.

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