The Optimal Health Project

By: Kiran
in this project i will show 5 inequality's one will be cholesterol levels, another will be target heart rate for a kid of my age and vitamin consumption for a kid my age and two other ones of my choice  .

the first is cholesterol levels the lowest amount that is good for you is 200Mg the highest is 240Mg

  The second is my target heart rate, my resting heart rate should be  60 BPM and my maximum at running should be 208 BPM.

The next is vitamin consumption for my age  my vitamin of my choice is iron a kid my age should have between 7-8 milligrams of iron per day.

For the vitamin I found that on iron and your child. I found  the target heart rate on target heart rate for kids-Banner Health. i found the cholesterol levels on cholesterol levels what should you aim for.

The ones I chose are how many pull ups should a kid be able to do the next is how much calcium should I have a day.  a kid my age should be able to do 1 to 3 pull-ups. i should have between I should have between   1100 mg and 1300 mg of calcium a day. I got the pull up info at how many pull ups should an 11 year old do .com and i got the calcium info at children's calcium

a grown man should have between 200 and 240 on his cholesterol level.

an eleven year olds heart rate should be 60 when resting and and if S/he is running his heart rate should be 208 beats per minute.

a kid my age should eat between 7 and 8 milligrams of iron per day but not all together he or she has to eat it in foods such as cereal.

a eleven should be able to do 1 to 3 pull-ups.

a kid my age should get 1100 mg to 1300 mg of calcium a day that's like drinking 8 cups of milk every day.

these are the inequality's in order.

1. 200<m<240

2. 7<M<9

3. 60<B<208



inequality's tell you whether something is  counting its self or not counting its self in a sentence with that number like if i say this includes 2 and three it means it adds 2 and 3 but is i say its between 2 and 4 it will be three because its between 2 and 4. and inequality's tell whether you are counting that number. In this project I used  inequality's to compare different health related things.

this picture below shows the number lines.