Real Life Geometry Problems

Will Mayes

The two marked lines are parallel. What is the relationship between the two marked angles? Find the value of X.

Given the information in the picture find the measures of angles 2, 3, and 4.

With the given information name two ways to prove these triangles congruent.

What methods, if any can you use to prove these triangles similar(name all if more than one)?

Are these lines parallel, skew, or oblique?

Based on the information, are the highlighted lines parallel, if so are they perpendicular to their transversal?

What postulate proves the two marked triangles congruent

How would you prove these triangle congruent?

Are these lines parallel, skew, oblique, or perpendicular?

What is the measure of each interior angle in the shapes in the tessellation?


1.Alternate Interior Angles. X=85.



4.SAS similarity, AA similarity

5. Parallel

6. Yes, Yes

7. AAS

8. HL


10.120 degrees.

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