The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Danielle

Theme #1

This theme means to make the best decisions, and to be kind to everyone. This theme also teaches you Solve problems using peace.

This organization goal is to build peace and friendship throughout the world. They go to countries and help people in need using peace.

Theme #2

This theme means to treat everyone in your community and society fairly and kindly. You need to care for the people in your society.

Little Sisters of the poor helps care for the older women in our community. They treat each women with kindness

Theme #3

This theme means to help others who need things to survive such as food, clothing, and shelter.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository helps give out food to thousands of people everyday so they can survive and not hunger.

Theme #4

This theme means to help the poor so that they can have more money to survive. Also, we need to treat them just like we would treat the wealthy.

This organizations helps gives jobs to the poor. It also helps the poor feel welcomed and equal to the rest of the people. It also holds campaings to help raise money for the poor.

Theme #5

This theme means to protect workers' rights. We need to make sure that they work in safe conditions and are treated fairly.

This organiztion helps improve millions of people's work and working conditions every year.

Theme #6

This theme means to treat everyone fairly no matter what they look like. You need to use peace instead fighting.

This organization helps bring together people of all races. Their vision is to have a world where people of all races share and come together no matter what their differences are.

Theme #7

This theme means that we need to care for all of God's creations. WE need to care for our enviroment all of the time.

This place helps raise money to help our air, plants, and our enviroment.