Janie Waddle


hillsboro, texas

Magic hour

I was at my friend's ranch in hillsboro, and the lighting was absolutely perfect.

cameron park, waco texas

key to your heart

I really like this photo because of the story behind it. i do not know the couple that locked the lock, but its a really cute idea and it makes me want to learn about the couple. are they still together? who knows! but the memory is locked forever.

cameron park, waco texas


I really just like this picture, because of the light and shadowing in it. Also, I think it captures the beauty of waco.


Heaven on earth

This photo was taken on my family's ranch, around spring. The ground was entirely covered with blue bonnets, you could barely see and grass.

lago vista,texas


This tree was planted the day i was born, and it has grown with me. I really like the contrast of the tree.  

Lago vista, texas


My mailbox was my favorite thing about my house, i really think it showed the time span of my family living there and it has had ton of history behind it.

woodway park, texas


I really like this picture because the photoshoot was just really fun, and the sunset was lovely. you cant really tell in this picture, but it truly was a beautiful day.

waco, texas


I was actually annoyed that i was having to take family portraits, but this one was just a snap shot and i think it captures the (rare) but friendly side of my sister.



One of my bestfriends of all time, diego, quickly driving to a storm. We were being storm chasers that day, to try and get a good picture to sell to the newspaper. I really like how he frames the picture, and how its blurry in the back ground but you can tell its stormy.

Thank you!

i hope you enjoyed a small sliver of my life shown through pictures!

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