My Civil War Journal

By= Chris Gasche

4/28/14    My final Letter

Home is where I belong I don't belong in some idea of a messed up war and home is where my family is. I get home and I see my mother rushing at me with tears down her cheeks giving me a hug. This is home. We won mom we won I whisper into her ear. Then I drift away back into the whiteness of the sky. Home.

4/25/14 Injuries in Camp

In camp the injuries varied from amputations and diarrhea they were very bad because most soldiers died from it  and the doctors try the weirdest things like cutting them with a knife and letting them bleed out. It was horrible I hated camp life I need to come home soon.

4/24/14 Fun and Passtimes

At camp I love passing my time by playing cards and playing sports. Camp life was terrible because we had no food and water and all we did was drill all day. but i had a little secrete cake the recipe was a teaspoon of sugar, some flower, and salt.

4/23/14   Song in the civil war

I loved dixie land because it had a very Upbeat song and tone

Blue and Gray

Look away from those colors after all we aren't lovers

Rise from your graves and sing with the Rebels

Sing and Sing and Sing with the flag

Blue and Gray, Blue and Gray

Dance around the fire

with the Yankees all together

Sing and Sing and Sing with the flag

Blue and Gray, Blue and Gray

Rally up with us

rally up, rally up

Sing and Sing and Sing with the flag

Blue and Gray, Blue and Gray

Up in the north I see the light

Singing bright

Sing and Sing and Sing with the flag

Blue and Gray, Blue and Gray

4/22/14 Interview Questions

Interview With Jerimiah

1.)Jeremiah when you chose to join the Union  what caused you to make that choice?

I had strong Beliefs that slavery was bad and that the confederacy was fighting for the wrong reasons.

2.)Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

I am proud for joining the Union Army and fight against slavery.

3.)Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish my mother wasn't as sick and didn't die from her sickness.

4.)Jeremiah, are you worried about your brother?

Yes I am very worried about my brother because I don't know if hes safe or even if he is alive.

4/21/14        Letter to my Mother

Dear Mary,

Our camp is completely dreadful, it is located in the forest and it is very hard to find whenever you go to get wood you can never find your way back. it is hot and sickness is traveling very fast. The camp was setup with the tents separated apart from each other the bathroom was almost a mile away there was always a wait. Our schedule each day at camp was  wake up drill for four hour then play cards for minute it was completely dreadful i can't take it anymore mother. I have seen some terrible punishments though have never faced one on my own. One punishment I saw was a man wearing a barrel for a shirt it was very humiliating.

4/17/14        My Civil War Slang

Grace- I just came back from a hard battle. I had to use my pepperbox and my arkansas toothpick a lot. Hornets were flying everywhere

Michael- Hey possum! Where is the joy juice? One of the sawbones fixed me up because I had a hornet that a greyback hit me when I was tight. These bones are as rare as hen’s teeth!

Natalie- I am fit to be tied because of this war

Chris- I am completely played out in this war I can’t believe my hornets ran out now I’m `gonna skedaddle.

Emilio- My pepperbox st ill has hornets.Would you fancy some?

Grace- I met a new uppity soldier today and I was really angry. He wanted to be my new possum, but I walked away in the middle of one of his stories

Michael: Ah, great, here comes a bugger. Bully! The uppity bloke needs some tar water.

Natalie : Its not like i'm hard knocks but I pretty bruised

Chris- In this war I’m starting to feel like a jailbird

Emilio- I feel top rail number one.

4/16/14       Story of Me

I am a Union Soldier named James Grant. I am from Point Pleasant, Ohio and I am 16 years old.  I have one parent named Ulysses S. Grant. I joined the Union because I felt very strongly that slavery should be stopped. When I joined the army I was ranked up to corporal in the army because of my father. I loved working around my farm. My father doesn't have an opinion on slavery and Now it is just me and my father and we will beat those southerners!

Photo Prompts


This is what the connection would be at home and during the war


This civil war battle scene would be what battle would look like


Playing cards would be what I do for fun


This forest would be what most soldiers would wake up to


This picture hasthe color black because of the artillery


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