Age of Enlightenment influence on Classical Music  

       The Age of Enlightenment was when people began to question the government and the Church  the way they handle things. The people then turned to themselves to answer their own question instead of relaying upon the Church to determine their decisions for them. Composers in the Classical period also began to peel away from the heavy Baroque to the simpler, lighter style Classical music. There were many influences of the Age of Enlightenment on Classical Music. One is how in the Age of Enlightenment, emphasis was always made on logical balance and order. This then made composers make sure that the music was perfectly balanced and there was no excessive emotions, unlike in Baroque where composers were allowed to have opulence and highly emotional content. Another influence of the Age of Enlightenment on Classical music is that the philosophizers believed that all humans live under one universal natural law. In Classical music, composers from other country have their music follow the same form as the others. Another influence is that as people began to become more independent from the Church, composers also began to make less music for the Church and more for the public which in turn helped made Classical music more popular.                

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