Ebola outbreack


Today 200 patients came into my hospital. Several were having signs of Ebola and wanted to be treated immediately.The other sick patients were predicted were going to be dead by the end of the night. I haven't seen this many patients come in since Malaria spread. Even then,there wasn't as many patients as Ebola has affected.

Several weeks have past since I've been in south Africa. I believe that Ebola has spread more and more because I am showing symptoms of Ebola myself. I am scared to let my family know that I might be infected. I have to do my job and make sure I don't spread it back to them if the patients start to get better. My stomach is hurting, I’m vomiting left to right. My legs are getting weak. I guarantee I won't live to see my family after Ebola stops killing people.


today i came in, i was one of those 200 patients. i didn't know what was going on with my body. i was vomiting and i had diarrhea. i had all of the side effect and i don't even know whats going on with my body. i see people dying left and right, its not a nice place to be in.

I've been in this place for a long time now. i say about 1 month and i'm not getting any better. now i'm vomiting blood and i feel like i m going to die anytime. i got a blood test and now i'm positive on Ebola. its hard for me because i have a family. my mom is devastated and i feel like i can die any moment.

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