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Japan is a small country located off the East coast of China.

The Capital of Japan is Tokyo.

The surrounding country of Japan houses 127,103,288 people.

Japan's government is a constitutional monarchy, and their Prime Minister is Shinzo Abe.

The Japanese have a capitalist economy and use the Japanese Yen as their currency. One Japanese Yen equals 0.0087 US Dollars.

Japan's GDP per capita is $37,100. Their GDP world rank is 36th.

Japan has a 99% percent literacy rate.

The female life expectancy is 87 years old, while the male life expectancy is only 83 years.

Their official language is Japanese.

Some tourist locations include the Tsukiji fish market, Mount Fuji, and the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

In 1894 Japan went to war with China. They reigned victorious in just nine months.

In 1923 a massive earthquake in Tokyo kills more than 100,000 people.

During World War Two, in 1945, the U.S. drops two atomic bombs on Japan, one on August 6th, hitting they city of Hiroshima. The other on August 9th landing on Nagasaki. Japan is forced to surrender.

Recently, in 2013, Japan approved and new national security strategy, and increased defense, a move widely seen as aimed at China.

Japan is a very successful country, with a high standard of living, and a good economy Japan is one of the world powers.

One company located in Japan is TEPCO. They provide electric utility services to the Kanto region of Japan.

If Japan were to improve their economy, they should certainly invest in other services, maybe something other than technology.

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