Hairy Cell Leukemia

This is a picture of hairy cell lekukemia

                                        ABOUT HAIRY CELL LEUKEMIA

Hairy cell leukemia is a very rare cancer of the blood and bone marrow.  The cancer either get worse slowly or doesn't get worse at all.  The reason for the odd name is because when you look at the cancer in a microscope it looks hairy. It is manly found in men then women but,is not impossibly for women to get.

Symptoms of Hairy cell leukemia:a feeling that you are full and it makes you uncomfortable to eat more than a little at a time,fatigue,easy bruising,reoccurring infections,weakness, and weight loss.

Causes of Hairy cell leukemia is not clear to scientist but they know that it happens when the cell mutate.  It is being researched to find out the causes.

There is no standard staging for hairy cell leukemia. If it is in stage 0 then it is in place and has not invaded any nearby tissue.  Next stage 1 it has spread,but not much.   Stage 2  and 3 the cancer has grown and more deep into the tissue.  Last stage,stage 4 has spread to other organ and body parts.

Treatment isn't always necessary because this is a very slow growing cancer and sometimes  doesn't spread at all.Most of the people need treatment though. Doctors recommend chemotherapy drugs for hairy cell leukemia treatment.  The treatment normally begins with cladribine.  It is when you receive continuous infusion of the drug into the vein over several days.   Most people who do cladribine see complete remission.  If the cancer comes back you can use cladribine again. Side effects of cladribine may include infection and fever. Another treatment option is pentostatin.  People who receive pentostatin have to take infusion every other week for 3 to 6 weeks. Side effects of pentostatin include fever,nausea and infections.  Another treatment is surgery.  It isn't commonly used but if needed the doctors will remove the spleen if it ruptures or if it's enlarged and causing pain.

Survival rate of Hairy cell leukemia:this is a new cancer and there isn't a survival rate for it.  But there is a high chance of survival.  Due to the effective treatment of hairy cell leukemia.  

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