English 30-1 Mobile Apps

for creativity and critical thinking

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” -Confucius

App #1: Journal Jar

What is it?

Journal Jar is a free app. Students simply shake this app and a writing prompt is generated.

How can it be used in an English 30-1 classroom?

I think this app would be an excellent addition to my English classroom. A random writing prompt could be:

a) generated for each student and have them right about it for 5-10 minutes

b) generated for small groups who have to then collaborate to gather information on the topic

c) generated for an individual or group and the student(s) must speak about the topic in front of the class for 1-2 minutes.

Overall, I think this app would be a key tool in quick, critical thinking, teamwork and presentation in a safe classroom environment.


App #2: StoryKit

What is it?

StoryKit is an app that allows students to create detailed books about their lives, what they imagine, or change the ending of a classic story.

How can it be used in an English 30-1 classroom?

StoryKit would be an asset to a high school English course. This app allows students to take old classic books, such as The Three Little Pigs, and edit the pages. Students can tell the story from a different perspective or personalize it by changing details.

I think the changing perspective is especially important, as it would require the students to think critically and be creative as they place themselves in the position of various story characters.



App #3: VoiceThread

What is it?

VoiceThread is an app that allows students to post videos, drawings, images and voice recordings. Their classmates can then comment on what they upload.

How can it be used in an English 30-1 classroom?

VoiceThread would be a definite asset to my classroom. It could be used to:

a) have students record and upload personal reflections in connection to literature discussed in class

b) have students upload images or videos of other media/literature that relates to previous class discussion

I think it is important for students to connect what they study in the classroom to their personal lives, aswell as other forms of text. VoiceThread is a very useful app in this regard.


App #4: mobl21

What is it?

mobl21 is an app that would allow a teacher to create, manage and publish flash cards, study guides, quizzes, etc. It is essentially an online learning environment and can be published to a variety of devices.

How can it be used in an English 30-1 classroom?

I think this app would be useful in a plethora of ways:

a) posting review quizzes and questions

b) posting study tips and flash cards

Since this app allows publishing to a variety of devices, I think it would encourage students to study. They can do the quizzes, questions, etc directly off of their cell phones at any time. If I were to make many short review quizzes, instead of one long one, I think it would benefit student learning.


App #5: Posterous  

What is it?

Posterous is an app that allows students create poems or audio stories.

How can it be used in an English 30-1 classroom?

I think this app would be extremely relevant and useful. For students who are less confidant writing, there could be an assignment where they use Posterous to create an audio story or essay, rather than a written one.

As well, poetry is often a difficult unit for students and an app that would partially assist them would benefit student learning.


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