Western Cordillera

The Western Cordillera is the best place to be because the region has the best geology climate, human activities, soil and vegetation.

Geology of the Western Cordillera

The geology in the Western Cordillera is great because it is close to the Pacific ocean, the land gets cooled easily. In the region, the mountains are large enough to keep the cool wind currents from the Pacific ocean . This region of Canada has fertile soil where people, such as farmers can grow and harvest crops.

Western Cordilleran Climate

The temperature of the Western Cordillera in the summer starts cool and goes to warm at the temperature of 20 degree Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The precipitation in the region is about 1000mm to 2500mm. The temperature stays moderate because it is near a big body of water. The air masses come from the Pacific ocean, therefore the air around the region has moisture. Since this place is near an ocean, it receives a lot of rain.

Human Activities in the Western Cordillera

The human activities in the Western Cordillera are mostly for entertainment and tourism. The land is used for entertainment such as hiking and fishing. The tourism in the Western Cordillera happens in fiords, narrow inlets of water made by melting ice in a valley. The fiords create a great tourist attraction, since the tall mountains are connected to the fiords, people are allowed to see a mountain close-up. To see the mountains, the tourists must travel by boat or seaplane because there are not many roads on the rugged coast of British Colombia.

Western Cordilleran Soil and Vegetation

The vegetation here is lush, so it provides lot of plant material, which is excellent for growing plants. The forests in this area is lush, therefore the most trees in the forests have the diameter over 1m and the height over 50m. The climate is moderate so that plants have enough heat to grow.

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