Top Reminder Apps for Forgetful People

Gone are the days when we were using the reminder boards and notes and now its the trend to use different Reminder Apps. With having such hectic schedule and numerous things to do, therefore there are lots of things to do that we forget.

Nowadays, your smartphone apps are compiling everything making it easier to notify and reminding your tasks and it also simplifies your day.

Do-It (Tomorrow):

Do you love to delay the work? Is your motto is to keep the things pending? This is the best suited app for keeping the things pending. Tasks have not yet ticked off from the previous day and is then carry forward automatically. Do it (Tomorrow) is an app that makes easier for the users to easily postpone their tasks to the following day and is known to be a quite realistic app. This application also supports the cloud syncing and is quite neat in its interface.

Any Do:

Any Do is known to be the most popular reminder app that is available both for iOS and Android. Its just having clean interface of the app it also possess different ways of creating reminders and alerts. This application supports the location-based reminders and also the specific time in which its is associated to. This app creates the reminders both via text messages and voice commands. This is truly the best suited for business use.

To Do Reminder:

To Do Reminder App is quite quick and easy to use and is easy to set your task on reminder. Its also having user friendly interface with voice friendly technology. Other than this, special features includes easy synchronizing of any event or birthday through Facebook, daily- weekly or monthly repetition of any task. Comparatively this app is quite quicker and easier to use and is also having some limits in customization and special functionality are also used in this application.