Civil War Journal

Charles Smith

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Journal Entry #1- My name is Charles Smith from New Jersey. I'm a soldier fighting in the civil war, on the side of the union. The main reason I joined the war as a soldier, is to fight for slaves rights. Slavery is getting out of control, as described in Uncle Toms Cabin.  Before the war, I had a laborious job, I built boats. I have a wife,  Anne Smith. Now I am a Private and am 23 years old, I have enlisted in the army for two years.

Journal Entry #2-


John: Thanks, possums.

Saloni: Hunky Dory!

Caylie: Here are the greenbacks!

William: Been through the mill, have ya?

John: I’m played out from all this partying.

Fiza: Lets have cake! I will cut it with Arkansas toothpick


John: I’m feeling the quick-step comin, gotta Skedaddle!

Caylie: I’m whipped, bye guys!

Journal Entry #3:

Dear Anne,

We are now at a different camp. there are leaves on the ground. Fall is approaching.  We have a few tents and we just got a new commander for the army, he is very strict as the loss was horrible, and now we have a new system. He is much stricter then the other and we have to do a lot of drilling all day long. Many soldiers are complaining, because work is hard, and it lasts all day. The punishments are hard too, there are barrels, and one with sticks in between your elbows and knees while gagged, this one looked particularity painful. You had to be clean too, or you would get a punishment, maybe not one very severe but you would get one. Like lifting heavy load for the whole day, leaving your arms aching for the rest of the days, The South doesn't seem like it is going to give up soon, so we have to fight much harder. I'm sorry to say that this fight does not seem to be an easy one.  War is not an easy time , In fact, war is one of the worst things that could happen to country, it;s not something everyone understands, most don't understand until it is actually experienced. Watching your friends die before your eyes is one of the worst evils to see. Knowing that you could die any second, one of the worst feelings, but it is necessary to fight for our country and our beliefs. I hope you are doing well. I Will try to write soon.

Yours Truly,

Charles Smith

Photo Prompt: Color: This is a picture I have taken of our camp, The leaves around us are orange, fall us approaching. Everything is turning orange/red.  A clear indicator that it will be cold soon.

Journal Entry #4:

Will Jermiah Survive Long?

1.No, he will not survive long because there are not many soldiers to fight for the Confederacy and being outnumbered could be a major problem.  The Confederacy could be outnumbered and lose and then the general, meaning Jeremiah, could be killed. Having more soldiers is very useful, and if there are not enough soldiars the Union side is more likely to win.

2.Will he continue to rise through the ranks?

Yes, he will because using a defensive strategy one time was smart. If he can keep thinking like that then he could lead the confederacy to a few victories and rise through the ranks.

3.How will battle be different as an officer?

The battle will be very different as an officer because it is mostly ordering people around and telling them to do things, you are also much more powerful than an average soldier. You have a big responsibility.

4.Will He Ever Learn What has Become of His Brother?

He will not learn what has happened to his brother. There are many people in the army and he is just one soldier. So it is not likely that he will find out what happened to his brother.

Photo Prompt: Morning: We usually have bread and eggs for breakfast. It is a healthy breakfast, but usually when delivered to us, it is not fresh, the bread is moldy. Still, we are Hungary enough to eat what we are given. This is what I eat most of the time when awaken.

Journal Entry #5

At Camp we did several things for fun. We usually played cards as a pastime. Still, after a lot of drilling, playing cards seemed like a luxury. My favorite thing to eat at camp is bread, it's always moldy, but as long as it's edible it's the easiest thing to swallow at camp. So playing cards and eating bread is what I like to do most at camp. My favorite meal consists of bread and hardtack, which is a biscuit. I most of the time.

Journal Entry: #6

To the tune of I won't give up by Jason Mraz

When I enlisted for War..

I knew nothing at all

I didn't know what I'd find

There's so much I did not know

And now I've come so far


I won't give up on the Union

Even if times get rough

I'll give this my all

I'm still trying hard

If we lose a battle

I'll be right there to try again

I'll be right there patiently waiting

To see what I can do


I won't give up on the Union

Even if times get rough

I'll give this my all

I'm still trying hard

I'm not going to be someone that walks away easily,

I'm here to stay,

I want to make the difference that I can make,

The hardships, yes they do teach us a lot,

how to use the tools and gifts that we may have

and in the end, I'm going to keep this going,

and we had to learn how to win,

without the world caving in,

and who we are


I won't give up on the Union

Even if times get rough

I'll give this my all

I'm still trying hard

So I won't give up on this war

God knows I'm tough to fight through

I'm going to give this my all

And hope for the best.

Photo Prompt: Fun: This is a picture of us playing cards as a pastime at camp. Many of us gather during free time and play cards; it can get pretty competitive.

Journal Entry #7:

There are many injuries I have seen at camp, most of just because of the filth and the soldiers rejection to cleanliness. The filth of this camp is astounding. The nurses must have a really hard job... There are many injuries at camp and several amputations.  Oh and they are horrible. After battles, when there are several injuries, nurses don't even take the time to remove a bullet wound properly, they just dig them out with the fingers. There are always cries of anguish running through the camp after a battle. I wish they were more careful. For amputations, they quite literally just use a saw to cut of what they need to cut off.  War is horrible, people are begging to just die, in the pain that they are in. Seeing all of this is enough to unerve even the toughest of men

Photo Prompt: Battle: This is one of the cannons that we use for battles.

Journal Entry: #8:

My enlistment is up, I am going home, to my family and friends.  The war seem to be almost over, from what I think, we are winning. Thank god, for letting me live, and so I am able to go back to my wonderful family and friends. I am glad to go home, I am travelling back right now. I got through war, and I am thankful for it.  If we do win this war, slaves will no longer exist here, that is worth fighting for. Slaves have suffered for years, enlistment for two fight for them is not even a proper thanks

Photo Prompt: Home: I am finally home and am very happy.  I will always carry with me the memories of the civil war. I will always carry with me the lessons that I have learned


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