I Want to Travel the World!

     God created the world we live in, and I am thankful everyday because what he does is incredibly beautiful! In this tackk, I will tell you all about the 5 places I would love to go someday. Along with 3 fun places I have been to that you should travel to, someday.

New York City, New York!

I would love to go to NYC, not only because it is the birthplace of my mother, but also because there is so much to see (and eat) there! New York is very beautiful in the day, and the night!


Okay guys, looking at this picture do I really have to tell you why I want to explore Italy? I think not😉. Italy is home to so many things and I love the view! I hope I am lucky enough to visit Italy someday!

Paris, France!

Many people know the Eiffel Tower in France, but there is so much more! Like Medeival, renaissance, and Classical City! There are many astonishing architecture there.

London, England!

London has many fascinating places that I would love to tour! I have heard their accent and I just love how they sound. This place is a must-go.


India is very cultural and traditional. Visiting India would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would love to explore! The Indian elephant is so gorgeous and have I mentioned their style of clothing? AMAZING!

Las Vegas, Nevada

I have been to Las Vegas, and before you think anything I did NOT gamble! Gambling is not ALL you do in Vegas, there is so much more. There is an m&m store which is fantastic. A Hershey's store. And there is a replica of some famous building in New York. There is also a replica of the Eiffel Tower! Not to mention that they have escalators AND elevators on the streets!

Trinidad & Tobago!

Most of the beaches I have been to have clear water which is so beautiful! Their festivals are so fun and really great to dance to. My father was born and raised here as well. If you ever go to Trinidad eat their buss up shot, roti, and of course, doubles!

I hope you enjoyed my tack and can relate to some of the places I would like to visit, and remember...

Keep calm and follow on!

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that keep calm and follow on is kind of what @DuckiesQuack4ever does at the end of her tackks... try to be more original... I'm not trying to be mea😄

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Ppl like you need to read my "I'm Sorr" tackk