Linh Cinder - main character

Iko - Cinder's android partner and one of her only friends.

Linh Peony -  one of Cinder's stepsisters and friend

Linh Pearl - Cinder's stepsister

Prince Kaito - prince of Eastern Commonwealth

Linh Adri - Cinder's stepmother

Linh Garan - Cinder's adopted father

Dr. Erland - a Lunar fugitive and letumosis researcher

Queen Levana - the queen of Luna, the moon colony

Emperor Rikan -  the emperor of Commonwealth and father to Prince Kaito

Chang Sacha -  the baker in the beginning of the story

Nainsi - the Prince's android


Linh Cinder is a cyborg and a mechanic who meets Prince Kaito when he needs his android Nainisi fixed. A virus call Letumosis breaks out in the square from the baker Chang Sacha. Cinder flees and goes home with her android partner Iko. At home, her stepmother, Linh Adri, is supervising a dressmaker who is designing ball gowns for Cinder's stepsisters Linh Peony and Linh Pearl. Cinder goes to search in the junkyard for a magnabelt with Iko and Pearl. Pearl catches the Letumosis virus and is taken away to be quarantined. Cinder is volunteered by her mother to be experimented on in the royal research lab for a Letumosis cure. Dr. Erland, who conducts all the experiments, soon discovers that Cinder is immune to Letumosis. Cinder returns home to her room only to find her partner and friend, Iko, dismantled with other junk. The next day she goes to the basement of the building to work on the prince's android finding a D-COM chip stuck inside. she plugs it in to her portscreen and tries to connect to the other side.

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