4th Quarter iPad Support

Due to Stephanie's maternity leave, iPad support will be taken over by other staff members starting after Spring Break and continuing until the end of the year iPad collection. Please read below to see who should be contacted based on the issue you are experiencing.

Peter Pickering will be available daily for walk-in iPad support from 8-9am and 12-1pm in the Tech Center in CTE.  Please respect these office hours and only send students to him during these times.  If an important issue arrises, please email Peter to check his availability for that day or to request assistance.

Found iPads

If you find an unsecured iPad on campus, please contact Tim Albert or Martin Keller with the number from the orange tag on the case.  They will be able to tell you who it belongs to.

Lost iPads

If a student reports an iPad as lost, please alert Tim Albert to check and see if any iPads have been turned into him.  If Tim does not have it, please send the student to Peter Pickering.  You can also look for the GPS location at www.icloud.com if the student logs in with their Apple ID and password.  From this site, the student can put their iPad into "lost mode" to help protect their information.  You can also choose to have the iPad make a noise to help locate iPads that have been misplaced on campus.

Broken iPads and Chargers

All broken/damaged iPads and chargers should be taken to Peter Pickering in the Tech Center.  He will be responsible for making the arrangements for repairs or replacements.

Wifi/Internet Issues

If a teacher or student is struggling to get their wifi or Internet to work, the first step is to try troubleshooting the problem themselves or with a friend. Steps for troubleshooting can be found on both the Staff Ed Tech website and Student iPad Help website.

Staff Ed Tech Website: https://sites.google.com/a/isd.k12.in.us/isd-techn...

Student iPad Help Website: https://sites.google.com/a/isd.k12.in.us/ipad-help...

If you are unable to troubleshoot the issue yourself, Donna Keller and Peter Pickering can assist you when they are available.

Discipline/Safety Issues

Any discipline or safety issues involving iPads should be addressed by Tim Albert.  Tim will decide what consequences should be given and will contact Peter Pickering for any restrictions or changes that need to be made to the iPad software.

Google Accounts

Peter Pickering will be the contact person for adding or changing Google account information including for new students/staff or resetting passwords.

ClamCase Keyboards

Due to a lack of replacements, student ClamCases will not be replaced or repaired for the remainder of the year.  If a keyboard is not functioning, try the troubleshooting tips on the student iPad Help website first.  If you are not able to solve the issue, simply turn the keyboard off and use the iPad on-screen keyboard for the remainder of the school year.  Do not send students to see Peter Pickering for keyboard issues.

If a case is damaged to the point where it no longer protects or securely holds the iPad, bring it to Peter Pickering for an alternate solution.  Alternate cases will not be provided simply on request.  They will only be provided due to necessity.

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