Ways to Fit in With Humans

     You start the day by waking up and getting out of your bed, but you can hit the snooze button and sleep in. The bad thing about that is you will be in hurry, but either way can work. You have to put on clothes because you can't go out in the world naked, they will arrest you. You have to brush your teeth and put on deteriorate because if you don't you will stink and nobody will hang out with you. You can also take a shower but that is optional, because you can take one in the morning or at night, but I always take one in the morning for I can feel more awake. You can have breakfast in the morning but if you are in a hurry you can skip it and get some thing in the vending machines at school.

     When you get to school and go to your classes you have to be quiet in your classes, because if you are you can get away with almost anything. That is what I do and I almost get away with anything, because they don't notice me. When you have a class that is boring you can draw or listen to music, but I usually always draw because the teachers think you are working and they will not bother you.

     When you leave school you go back to your house, but if you have a job then just go straight to your job. I don't have a job so i just go to my house. When you get home you can eat, sleep, or watch TV its your choice.

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