Wait... But first let me take a selfie!!!!!!

By: Fernanda V., Kimberly Q., Marilin M.,
Brittney B., Marina E.


Do you take selfies? If so, you might be interested in this project. In our research, we surveyed students and teachers from TYWLS of Astoria on selfies. We surveyed them on how many selfies they take per day, where they take them, when they take them and the number of people in their selfies.

Selfies, are hand held photos taken by a phone or any type of camera. They include your self or any other people such as friends or family members, they can even include pets. They can be taken in special places such as monuments and landscapes, or can simply be taken at home,school or job. Since selfies are trending now,we thought that age might affect the number of selfies you take per day. We decided to ask a variety of questions, keeping in mind our big question,

"Does age affect the amount and type of selfies you take per day?" :

  1. How many selfies do you take a day?: We thought that younger people will take a a greater amount of selfies than the older ages. So we decided to ask this question to find out if the age does affect the number of selfies people take per day.                                                                   
  2. Where do  you take selfies?:   We predicted that the place where selfies are taken depends on the age. We thought that younger ages take more selfies at home and school than the older ages do. We decided to ask this question to younger (teenagers)  and older (adults) age groups to answer our question.                                                                                    
  3. On average how many people are included in your selfies?  Many selfies are taken with friends and family, but we predicted that younger age groups take more selfies with their friends than family members. While we thought the opposite for the older age group. We sent out this question because we thought that this is a variable that affects selfies in the younger and older age groups.                        
  4. When do you take selfies? We had a variety of options that people could chose from for this question. Our options were morning, afternoon, evening, night. We thought this would be useful in answering our main question because we thought that different ages prefer a different time of day to take selfies.                                                                                           
  5. How many social media's do you share your selfies on? Nowadays everyone has social media to share their photos on. Since younger ages are more active on social media than the older ages, we predicted that teenagers will be more likely so share their selfies on social media.

We sent out our survey for staff and students at The Young Women's Leadership school of Astoria and waited for their response.

Depending on their age, how many selfies do people take per day?

The answers we received weren't that surprising because we as teenagers kind of new that our age range would take more selfies than the adult range. According to the responses we received, ages 12-15 take more selfies than ages 27-53. Ages 12-15 have an average of taking 19 selfies per day, whereas ages 27-53 take an average of 2 selfies per day.

We used the scatter plot to help us see the difference between the ages 12-53. We noticed that age 14 was the age that had the most data, this being that the most selfoes taken is 100. This scatter plot also helped show that age 53 had the minimum amount of selfies taken. In the younger ages , the data is more bunched up together, showing that  younger people ages take more selfies. In the older age range, the data is more spread out, shows that the older we get, the least amount of selfies we tend to take.

We not only used a scatterplot to help analyze our data,we also used a dot plot for both age ranges. In this plot, you could see that teenagers, the younger age range,takes more selfies per day than the adults, the older age range. The maximum number of selfies an adult takes per day is 1.While the maximum amount of selfies a teenager takes per day is 11. Once again, this proves that younger ages tend to take more selfies per day than the older ages.


Based on all the graphs above, we determined that age does affect the amount of selfies taken per day. The residual plot helped us see that the data is linear, meaning that each age group has a constant average of selfies they take daily.

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