Name: Bui Duy Binh  Age: 11

Bui has a little brother and a mom and dad that all live in the same house. His mom makes him breakfast and then goes to work. His family has a motorcycle and all of them can fit on it. His brother loves to play with Bui.

Bui's Morning  

Bui wacks up and gets ready for school and goes get breckfest from his mom and goes to school. Goes to school on a motorcycle because it take them 10 minutes to get to school. School start's with a salute to Ho Chi Minh. The city is named after him in his honor. After they salute, the school sings songs about the country. Bui tunes in his home work and then the class has art class. The teacher comes to the class and teaches the class how to draw. School ends, because their are not enough teachers. Half of the class's start in the afternoon because school starts in the morning and afternoon. Bui takes a motorcycle taxi home.   

Bui's Afternoon

Bui goes home and waters his plants in their rooftop garden. When his mom gets home they eat lunch together and then after word Bui reads and takes a nap. Bui wakes up and has a snack and starts studying. Sometimes he goes for a walk but stays close to his house because the streets can be dangerous. Bui helps his mom prepare diner. They had chicken wings, fried squid and french fries. After diner Bui practices the piano or draws. Then he plays with his brother because he makes him laughs. Bui takes a shower and then goes to sleep.

My Day

I wake up and take a shower. Then I get ready for school and eat breakfast. Then my mom takes my brother and I to school. I go to my 1st class and wait for the pledge. After my 1st class I have to go to my 2nd period science class to learn about this weeks project, and then after that I go to my band period and tern about music. Then I go to lunch to eat, I also talk to my friends at our table. After lunch I go to math to learn well math. Then I go to English class to learn about figurative language. I then rush to get to my 6th period class, gym. After a fun gym class I go to advisory to get my home work done. When school is over I go to the gym and get ready for track practice. when track is over I get picked up by my father and we go home. I take a shower and get started on what ever home work I have left. After home work I do my chores. If I have time to play games I will play on my xbox 360 or just play with my brother. I get ready and go to bed to wake up and do it all again.


Bui and I do wake up and get ready for school. Bui takes a motorcycle to school with his hole family, I ride in a car and with my brother and mom. Bui's school salutes to Ho Chi Minh and their country like my school puts our right hand over our heart and sing the pledge allegiance to our country. Bui has two class's while I have 7 class's or periods. Bui has class in the morning while I have class in the morning through the afternoon. Bui goes home on a motorcycle taxi, but I go home with my father in his car. Bui finishes his home work like I do. Bui waters his plants and helps his mom with lunch and dinner. I do chores and sometimes help my mom with dinner. Bui plays the piano and plays with his brother while I play on my xbox 360 and play games with my brother. Bui and I get ready for bed and go to sleep like I do.

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