rules of jonas society



All the rules of Jonas society are not fair. Because you really can’t do anything in the society. You can’t choose your own job .the elders have to choose for you. What if you want to choose your own job.or you don't know how to do that job. rules are not fair  in Jonas society. And the reason is because you have to sign up to get your child. What if some one wants to have their own child instead of getting some ones else Child's.what if the parents would wont to keep their child instead of giving it away.If you don’t follow the rules in Jonas society you get kicked out of your community. Which is not fair because. what if that’s were all of your family lives in that one community and your cuzions live their two you'll never be able to see them again. Or that’s the only place you can afford to live in. all consequences are not fair. You shouldn't just be kicked out of your community for not following some dump rule. the rules can’t be changed in Jonas society once the rules are set they cant be changed. The elders cant even change the rules.

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