By Laurie Halse Anderson


The genre for Twisted will be considered to be young adult fiction, and it will also be classified to be realistic fiction. Although the story isn't real and everything is made up,



Laurie Halse Anderson is known for her writer best known for children's and young-adult novels. She was born on October 23rd, 1961. One of her best selling novels is Speak, as well as Catalyst, and Prom. She lives in northern New York with her husband. Anderson gained recognition for her artistic dealings with tough topics embedded with honesty. Anderson’s ability to creatively address often avoided issues allows her to be a safe outlet for young readers. The tough themes of her novels including rape, family dysfunctions, body issues and disorders, and high academic pressures often create controversial discussions surrounding her novels.


The setting of Twisted is in the suburbs of modern times. The homes and people are very classy and sophisticated.

  1. George Washington High School- this is the high school which the students of the story go to.
  2. Tyler's House- where the main character of the story lives
  3. Tophet- this is the video game which Tyler is playing. The ideais to work your way down through the levels of Hell.
  4. Barreta-this is Tyler's father's gun. Tyler contemplates killing himself with it, but ends up throwing it in the river.
  5. The Bonfire-this is a gathering before the Halloween football game for students. Where Tyler first kisses Bethany.
  6. Homecoming-this is a football game in high school, which usually has a highly attendance and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Tyler doesn't get to go see it and sit by Bethany because his father comes home in a bad mood.
  7. The Milbury's House-this is the home of Chip and Bethany, Tyler's arch-enemy and dream girl. This is also the home of Tyler's father's boss.


  • Tyler Miller-Is a senior and he use to be a average student and guy. As soon as he committed his foul deed everything changed.
  • Hannah Miller- Tyler's younger sister who warns him about Bethany because she is only using him.
  • Mr. Miller- Tyler's father; one of Mr. Milbury's workers
  • Mrs.Miller- Tyler's Mother
  • Bethany Milbury-  She is the girol of Tyler's dreams. A senior that is a rich stuck up girl. Her father is Tyler’s father’s boss. Bethany is some what of a queen bee and tries to attract all of the attention.
  • Chip Milbury- Bethany's twin brother who makes Tyler's life a living hell by bullying him all the time.
  • Mr. Milbury- The boss of Mr.Miller; Bethany's and Chip's father
  • Mrs. Milbury- The mother of Bethany and Chip
  • Yoda- A nerd with shaggy hair who is an outcast. He cares for others, even if they don't care about him.


(Character vs. Character) External Conflict

Tyler  is confused about and has a kind-of sort-of relationship with a girl named Bethany, he was constantly bullied for his previous reputation, and he has an awful relationship with his abusive father.

(Character vs. Self) Internal Conflict

Tyler has to battle himself everyday because all he can think about is ending his life because of what he is going through. He has a war in his mind and he is determined to battle. He's not living his life, he's surviving his life.  


Tyler Miller has to deal with a lot of things in his life. He has to deal with his abusive father, and with his bully at school. He is attracted to Bethany Miller, one of the hottest girls in school. He was never noticed by anyone. He was always picked on because he was a nerdy boy. So to get noticed by everyone, he decides to break the law by vandalizing school property by applying graffiti.  He is caught after the police finds his wallet. Instead of going to jail, Tyler has to do community service.


Twisted is a dramatic, sad book. In this book, suicide, drugs, alcohol, abuse, and sex are involved. There are some things adolescents can relate to such as being in love. Relationships are involved in this and all that good stuff.  


This theme is, the judgement of people in different classes based on home, appearance, and attitude is a very unfair system.

  1. Earning Confidence
  2. Becoming a Man
  3. Overcoming obstacles
  4. Not Giving up
  5. Ignoring social adversity
  6. Popularity


I liked the book, however it sort of confused me. The book was honest towards real life situations, and there are obstacles that are common for teenagers to face. we struggle to become the ideal of "perfect" because of society.


  • “If that was life then it was twisted.”

Life is messed up in the way misery affects us.... Tyler explains to us how you are as good as dead once you surrender to the misery. It’s pointless to even live that horrible way because you are already dead. The author transferred that line into the title to convey the message of life. It voices the author’s hidden thoughts that life can be unfair and messed up in the way it runs itself. The title warns you about a twisted life before you even open the book.


I recommend this book to people who'll want to read a made up story that are based off of real events that may happen. If you want to read about problems that are happening in our society as a whole, I suggest you to read this. Wanting to fit in, sex, drugs, emotions, and etc.


- You should read this book because it's a dramatic plot wist that'll leave you begging for answers. It's thrilling to know what will happen after the suspense.

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