How to Make Your Wedding Special and Memorable?

Wedding is a very special occasion that needs to be perfect. It is a once in a lifetime event that should be memorable and unique. Every women waited every single day for this occasion and to be with her man. And gents waited every single second to finally unite with his love. In this manner, how do you make your wedding so special that you will not forget it for the rest of your life.

Consequently, the thing is that you will only know if your wedding is memorable if the whole event from the ceremony and up to the reception inspired other couples to have a dream wedding like yours. However, there are significant and important hints and ideas that you can consolidate to make a memorable wedding:

1. Cover the whole event

There are event management companies in Singapore or wedding videography SG that you can employ to video cover the whole event. Video recording is essential today so that you can always go back to one of the happiest event in your married life. There are photo and video studios that edits the whole setting and particularly render it like a motion picture with a story-line. You will surely be touched by every single moment that you are watching the film. Furthermore, there are also wedding photography in Singapore that compiles every single moment before, during and after the wedding into an album.

2. Hire a live band

It is a good idea to hire a live band and not just a music dj that plays the music out of the box for you. It is more entertaining to have a live music because you have a control over the situation. You can pause, play and stop the music as you desired and request songs from the band. Make sure that the band you are going to hire has a big song portfolio that can accommodate and cover the time arrangement of the whole event. Also, you can ask one of your friends who can sing for you in during your wedding ceremonial. Furthermore, it is more romantic to have a live band, calling out your partner and together you can entertain the visitors by being a cute couple enjoying music played by the backups.

3. Cater unique foods

Unique foods served in the table will be remembered by your guests. Choose a venue that serves distinctive cuisine particularly western dishes if you are in Asia and vice versa. Do not forget to discuss with the chef regarding your food preference and if you have a menu in your mind that you can propose. Also give way for a food test so that you can assess the menu that they are offering. Be sure that it is within your food budget that can cover until midnight.

4. Games for the couples

You should not forget about the games. It is a way to entertain your visitors as well as the couples that are indulged to have a dream wedding like yours. Think of a cute and unique game that you and your partner or your best man devised to bond and strengthen the love between couples. Surely, you should also join the game may it be win or lose.

5. A unique venue and ceremony

Have you thought of doing a wedding ceremony inside an art gallery or to a museum, historical sites, or within private sanctuaries and nature’s park? Your dream wedding will be totally cool and will be memorable apart from the typical church wedding or beach wedding.