Egg to Cell Comparison Lab

By: Spencer Rojas 2nd.


The objective of the lab was to see how substances, (vinegar, syrup, and water), would react with the egg. We also found if each substance was hypotonic or hypertonic.

Vinegar  prediction- The vinegar will soften the shell of the egg and slowly dissolve the shell over time.

Syrup prediction- When the egg is placed in suryp I think it will shrink

Water with food coloring prediction- I think the egg will be dyed a darker color if the food coloring

Inside of the egg prediction- I think the yolk will be dyed and formable.  


Vinegar - Put egg in cup, fill cup with 100-120ml of vinegar, cover cup with aluminum foil, and let sit for a few days.

Syrup- Take out egg and wash it, rub off the egg shell, put egg back in cup, add 100-120ml of syrup solution, and cover the cup up

Water with food coloring- Rinse off egg, rinse out cup, put egg back in cup, add 100-120ml of water, add 5 drops of food coloring, cover cup back up.

Egg yolk- Wash egg, use pencil to pop the outside of the shell, examine the yolk.


Egg before lab

  • Transverse- 16cm
  • Radical- 14.3cm
  • Mass- 61g

Egg after vinegar

  • Transverse- 17cm
  • Radical- 16cm
  • Mass- 74.1g

Our egg popped. No more data was collected.


After the egg was soaked in vinegar for three days, the egg had gotten larger.  It was a hypotonic solution because water diffused into the egg causing it to swell and become larger. The egg itself was covered is a foam. The vinegar was a weak acid and it took off the calcium carbonate in the shell off the egg. There was almost no vinegar left in the cup.

After being in the syrup solution for a day the egg became smaller. This was a hypertonic solution because water diffused out if the egg causing the egg to shrink. The cup was filled with a syrup/water mix because the water flowed out of the egg. Some syrup sunk in because the egg yolk smelled like syrup.

After the egg sat in the water and food coloring mix for a day the egg shrunk even more. This was a hypertonic solution also because water flowed out of the egg into the cup. Dye was soaked in causing the egg itself to dye a green color. The cup was filled with more water then before because it was a hypertonic solution   


The egg became larger after remaking on the vinegar because the vinegar is a hypotonic solution and the water is not. Water flowed into the egg in the during its time in the vinegar because there was more solution (water) outside the cell (egg) then inside. After we popped the egg the water inside was green because the green food coloring passed through the semi-permeable membrane of the cell. We can infer that there was no food coloring inside the egg so the egg had to balance it out ant let the color in.

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