#NFL-Robert Kraft

Now I'm only a marginal NFL fan, maintaining some level of interest based primarily on nostalgia. And I really don't care about the teams outside of the Lions and the Bears unless those teams are facing either Detroit or Chicago. I was curious, though, about Robert Kraft - owner of the Patriots - so I looked him up. Seems that fella came into his wealth through marriage initially. And I understand that after his long-time wife passed, he has now started dating some gal ab...out 35 years his junior. I see that their coach basically left his wife for a team employee (cliche much?) and more recently is dating a women a lot younger than he. Clean cut Tom Brady got his girlfriend pregnant and then dumped her to marry Giselle. And then, of course, there's Aaron Hernandez and the others in a long line who have had more than their share of troubles. Hell, the straightest arrow in that quiver might be Gronk. Must be one heck of an interesting holiday party for that orgnization. What the hell is wrong with these people and why the hell do people give a crap about that franchise or the NFL if this is what these people are all about? Does "it" really not matter at all - none of it? Zero standards imposed by society on anybody for anything? I realize these jokers are basically just entertainers, but for Pete's sake. These people are all a bunch of a&&holes. They don't deserve our time, attention, money and certainly not our adulation. Rant complete.