May 2, 2014

The Role of the Coach:
Reflecting on the Framework

Which role do you find the most important? Why?

Which role do you find the least important? Why?

Which role took up most of your time? Why?

Which role took up the least amount of time? Why?

Which role did your enjoy the most? Why?

Which role did you enjoy the least? Why?

Which role did you avoid? Why?

At times, which role did you serve to allow yourself to possibly avoid other roles?  Why did you choose that role?

Which role did you make the most improvement in this first year as a coach? What evidence supports this?

Which role do you need more professional learning? What exactly do you need?

What role did you perform often that is not on the list?

Was the framework helpful for a first year coach?

How did you communicate your role to the staff?

How did you communicate with your administrators?

Your message...

May 16, 2014

May 23, 2014

Goal Setting for 2014-2015

Your message...

What are your personal goals as a begin your role as a coach for next year?  What  aspects of the role do you plan to grow and adjust?  How will you make those changes in yourself? Knowing your professional goals are aligned to the campus goals and the principal's vision, how do you plan to work with your administration to accomplish these goals?  Look at the Instructional Coach Framework to help guide your thinking. Create a list of personal goals in the role of a coach and possible professional goals to support campus goals.