Year 5 - Graphic Design

Designing Logos

The first part of our Graphic Design unit will focus on logo design. Logos are very important, as they help businesses communicate their brand instantly. Do you recognise any of these logos? You probably will!

Task for Week 1:

Imagine that you have just become the owner of a new bicycle shop in London. The shop sells a mixture of modern and vintage-style bikes and is designed to appeal to a young, cool crowd! Over the next few weeks, you will be designing various materials to promote your shop, but the first thing you'll need is a logo.

Here are some examples of logos for existing bicycle shops. Do you think they're effective? Why/why not?

Use a pencil and the sheet provided to sketch 4 different logo design ideas. They should all be different, and should work in black and white. Before the end of the lesson, mark your favourite with a star. This will be the one you design on the computer next week.

Warning: Your design needs to be original - don't use any existing designs!