Colette and Kelly

Uptown is located on the north side of Chicago. Lincoln park is to the south of it and Edgewater is to the north of it. Located in Uptown, is the Aragon Ballroom , Montrose Beach, The People's Music School, other beaches along the shore of Lake Michigan. In the late 1800's, John Lewis Crochan convinced the Chicago, Milwakee and Saint Paul Railroad to stop in Uptown. This brought more settlers and more tourists searching for jobs and cheap places to live. And The Loren Miller's Department Store attracted many shoppers, tourists and settlers. Uptown built the Aragon Ballroom, restaurants, and many hotels to compete with New York City. In the 1800's the majority of the immigrants were German and Swedish. However there were also whites from Appalaicia, Japanese from California, and Native Americans that came during the Great Depression in search of jobs and cheap housing. There were also immigrants from Africa and Asia. Lasty, over the years Uptown has become one of the most diverse towns in Chicago.