‘..Gavin Glover's superlative puppets... they have such a fearsome, otherworldly demeanour’ The Guardian

Birthed in 2011, PotatoRoom Productions, formed by Gavin Glover, is a company that does whatever it takes to be intriguing and intricate; clowning, acting, puppetry, film, dance, etc. These experiments could be in collaboration with other artists or solely by Gavin himself, with a supporting creative team. The adult oriented scenes can be seen in theater, site specific spaces or on video.

Gavin often works in collaboration with other artists, as a performer, designer, maker, teacher or an actor coach.

"The company was well renowned for their haunting tales, visual theatre, strange animated figures and dark, dark humour. They were also known for creating non text-based puppet theatre for an adult audience with the puppeteers dressed in black almost lost in the darkness behind the figures, allowing the puppets to be the apparent sole acting bodies on stage."


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