My hike to the Crowders mountain

I was hiking with my family yesterday at Crowders mountain crowders mountain is 800ft tall from the surrounding terrain. I started from the entrance and walked in a steady pace for 20 minutes. But then I started slowing down a little bit but still climbed in a consistent rate for 30 minutes. After I reached the peak of the mountain, my family stayed for 20 minutes enjoying the view and eating snacks. I was going slower and slower as I go down to see the nature I didn't notice while I was climbing. That took about 50 minutes. As soon as I saw the city and the roads, I walked in a fast, steady pace for 30 minutes.The hiking took 2hour and 30 minutes total and I travelled 1600ft. It took me quiet a while to finish the hike, but it was worth the trip.

(This story is made up but Crowders mountain is actually in Gaston county :D )

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