Water Strikes Back

Stay out of the Water

The water is filled with a lot of trash and it could give diseases. A lot of people suffer from the cause of pollution induced. Diseases are cause such as gastrointestinal bleeding , tuberculosis, birth defect and in fertility. People choke with population especially of spiegal. 60 percent of the drinking water is effected by a lot of things. 40 percent of the fresh water gets commune faster than monsoon rain. When kids get born most of them are born eel. The reason that they choke because they drink the water with a lot of trash, and the trash can get stock in their Thoth. In 2005 the world bank noted that India needs to make massive investments in both large scale and small scale water  infrastructure , including sewer, waste water treatment, water tanks, dams, and local water recharge system. A recent report from the Asian development bank notes that although India is an early achiever on improving access to safe drinking water in Asia. The countries progress on sanitation a chief cause of water contamination is not enough PDF sunita narrating who heads the Delhi  based centre for science and environment  argues that water management will make or break India and if got tan wrong MSNBC all the riches in the world are not going to be enough.