Dividing Fractions

By: Emma Wyrick

                           When learning how to divide fractions, there's 3 easy steps.


When dividing fractions a simple acronym (KFC) will help you remember the simple steps of dividing fractions.

K- Keep

F- Flip

C- Change

So, for example...

1\4 divided by 1\2 is an easy one. Just remember, K, F, C. (Keep, Flip, Change)
Keep 1\4
Flip the division sign to multiply. Then Change the last fraction by switching the numbers, so it comes out as...

So, now your problem is...

1\4 x 2\1

Now solve as a regular multiplication problem for fractions.

Let's try another one.

Keep 2\5, Flip the division sign to multiplication, then Change 3\4 to 4\3.

2\5 x 4\3

Now try one on your own

Let's try one more example.

Now, you should know how to divide fractions easy!A

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