loco cakes

We sold a variety of cakes such as smartie chocolate ones, plain ones and sprinkled ones. We charged each cake 30p and 40p. we sold around 7 cakes and earned around £8. To improve we need to change our place as there was not a lot of customers and there wasn't a lot of space. We got our product right and people got attracted by the decoration. we chose the right range of price. we didn't put a lot of advertisements around the school such as posters. This is why we didn't get much customers. However we done about 2 posters and out them up in b block so some pupils got to know about our idea. Our business grew when we started going up to people and asking them if they wanted to buy some cakes. We also went over to the teachers so we could get more money then we had already made. 

Our aim was to make a profit of selling different flavoured cupcakes, we had done really well as we made a great £12.76. we were really proud as we sold all out cupcakes. we made more than our profit and we are really glad. it would have been better if we had more time and cakes to sell.

Plan: our plan was to sell as many cakes to people to make enough profit. we brought cakes our self to sell to the school, altogether we spent £8.80 on the cakes. we sold all of our cakes and made a total of £12.75. The type of places are retailers, wholesaler, telesales/mail order and internet/E-commerce.

Promotion: we made posters and put them around the school to make people aware of our cakes. we also told a lot of people that there was going to be a cake sale. The promotion features are sales, advertising, direct marketing and personal selling. These would all gain more customers.

Product: We sold different varieties of cakes such as: chocolate, lemon, plain and iced cakes. they sold very easy as everyone liked our flavours. The features of product are design, technology, usefulness and convenience.

Place: We started off in C block so people could come to us. however that wasn't very successful so at lunch we decided to walk up to people and sell them that way. we also went to different classrooms to find different teachers so we could make more money then we had already made.