Final Solution

Gas Vans

Gas vans were used on a large scare by several different groups of people in different locations. Thousands of people were killed by the use of Gas Vans, and most of the people in which were killed were Jews.  Most of these vans were stationed at extermination sites.  Just at one camp, at least 152,000 people were brought to death by these vans. There wee 25-30 vans brought to the area, which were all used to kill people through the torturing of carbon monoxide.

The way the process worked was they first made the victims get undressed, and while they were getting undressed, they were told to hand over any valuables they had. Then they were to enter the Gas Van. After they crowded them all in there, they would close the doors and a lamp was turned on for a few minutes, to calm the victims. After awhile, the driver would then turn on the engine on for 10 minutes, and during those 10 minutes, the motor would produce enough carbon monoxide to suffocate the people inside the van. The driver would wait until all the screaming and pounding stopped, and he would use that as a sign that he was clear to drive to the cremation site.

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