Grade 6 Dance

Mobile Apps

The goal of this flyer is to introduce technology into the classroom through these five apps to assist with choreography building, technique knowledge and music selections.

Students will be given the opportunity to use these mobile apps during the development of their own personal creations.

They will also be used by the teacher during instructor directed classes as an example to the students of how technology has the potential to enhance our artistic creations.

App 1: K12 Dance Program

This app is the perfect tool for every dance instructor. Although it is rather costly, lesson plans, engaged goal settings for students, combinations, and much more is provided at the finger tips of every participant in a dance class.

K12 Dance Program provides levelled dance steps, formation settings, as well as videos explaining the proper way to carry out steps. Students will be able to turn to this resource for questions and assistance during the choreography process.

App 2: Ballet Barre Exercises

Ballet Barre Exercises is a wonderful app for students to use as a resource when introducing ballet technique into the class. It provides instruction for universal exercises such as tendu's, rond de jambe, and much more. Ballet Barre Exercises even has videos that explain the proper way to stretch and step-by-step instruction addressing the proper body placement for each routine. Unfortunately, it does come at a cost of $4.59.

App 3: MyMoves

This app is every choreographers dream! It allows you to store a digital photo of any step or movement you would like to record in 3D. MyMoves also provides the opportunity to collaborate with peers by including an emailing option, so that students can choreograph together from anywhere at anytime. It comes at the cost of $1.19.

App 4: All-in Yoga

Stretching is an important component to all styles of dance, and yoga is a wonderful way to not only de-stress, but also get in necessary stretching. All-in Yoga in unique in that it has a program builder so students are able to track progress and set goals. It also allows student to take charge of their own personal development, which brings dance outside of the studio and becomes a way of life. This price of this app is $5.79.

App 5: Audio Edit Pro- Merge Split Lite

This is a user friendly app that allows you to cut, merge, and fade audio. Audio Edit Pro would be an excellent software for students to use in Dance 6, as often songs need to be cut or faded out. An additional bonus to this app is that it is also free!

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