Meet the Greatest Cat
in the Universe

He plays fetch. Your argument is invalid.

Sure he chases after the ball and doesn't actually bring it back, but Oscar's smart enough to wait there until I walk over and pick up the ball. Then, he's ready to run, well, more like stroll, to where it lands and do it all over again. He does this for at least three or four minutes. It's incredibly amazing. What can your silly little cat do? And that's just the beginning.

Oscar can find the sunniest spot in the house
and fall asleep in two seconds flat.

He's like a living vacuum cleaner. Dropped food
and treats have no chance against him.

This amazing cat captures feathers with a lazy, barely moving flair and ferocity heretofore unseen.

And he's brave. When people want to use a step,
he just looks at them and says, "Keep moving, human.
This here step is mine."

There's not another cat in the universe
with swagger like Oscar!

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