I can see her lift her bat swaying side to side looking at the ball. I see her burning fire in her eyes. I can see her lick her lips .I can taste the sweat and fear. I see the court It is green it has a net It has white lines on the court. I see her big eyes laid on the ball ready for the massive hit . I see her scrunched up face. I see her tense muscles. I see her eyes wide open .I can feel the hot sun beaming on my back . I can see the crowd cheering for the opponents ready for the massive hit .

I taste saliva and sweat. I see the ball come flying like a bird .I hit the ball green hard and harry into the air it speeds powerful like an eagle It goes speeding away. I feel the sweat dripping down my face the ball the ball the crowd goes. ahh I screamed. I'm not even paying attention to the game in wonderland It hits my nose the crowd goes’’oohhI can feel sweat and tears and blood dripping down my face. The crowd cheers for me. I feel so happy. I smell sweat. I can see the crowd getting sweaty. I can feel the hot air.

as soon as the ball comes It hits my nose. I feel this tingly feeling In my nose. I start to cry. I see blood dripping down her nose. I see her crying the crowd goes “Ohhh. “ everyone starts to crowd her shes on the ground then everyone starts playing again. I see her on the benches .I see her bloody nose she feels really hurt. I sit there and watch the rest of the game.I hear the crowd go wild they win.I see the crowd packing up to go home.


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