Espar Airtonic Devices Add to Safety on the Road

Experienced truckers know that safety during a long haul is paramount. With that in mind, the best of the best go through a careful check list before hitting the road. For those heading through colder climates when the temperatures are low, an Espar diesel heater is often part of the list.

An Espar Airtronic is an auxiliary heater that is designed to provide comfort and safety that goes above and beyond an on-board heater. This device operates independently of the truck’s own heater, providing warmth for not only the cabin, but also the engine compartment.

Espar Airtronic heaters are favored add-ons for many because they draw from their own fuel source, save money and spare a truck from the wear and tear that goes along with leaving an engine running for long periods to ensure proper heating inside. When an Espar diesel heater is used, truckers can count on overnight warmth while also having the ability to pre-heat their trucks should they spend especially cold nights inside hotels or homes rather than in the sleeping compartment. Since the heater operates independently, it can be used to pre-heat the cabin and engine compartment before the vehicle is fired up on cold mornings, too. That means this type of heater can enhance performance and reliability, too.

While an auxiliary heater can increase safety by delivering not only comfort, but reliability, there are other steps smart truckers take to ensure safety during long hauls. Here are some of the things that should be considered before hitting the road:

  • Overall truck inspection – Before heading out, always take the time to fully inspect the truck, including fluid levels, tire status, engine operation and other important mechanical factors. Keep up with routine maintenance to ensure reliability.
  • Safety equipment – An Espar Airtronic is an important piece of safety equipment, but it’s not the only one that should be brought along for the ride. Also be sure to have a first aid kit, an operable system for contacting the outside world, flares, blankets, food and water and other important items along for the haul.
  • Route mapping – Before hitting the road on especially long treks, make sure the route is mapped carefully for safety and expediency both.

Staying safe on the road takes careful planning and the right equipment. For those who travel through cold country, an Espar diesel heater can add an extra layer of reliable protection.

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