Developmental Checklist Assignment

Pediatrics Fall 2016

If you want to see written instruction in PPT form, click the link below.

You will use the program Videoant to annotate a video of an infant that demonstrates child development. The link to the program you will use is above (see the red button).  

To do this assignment you will:

  • Click the button above to launch videotant
  • Sign in (using FB or whatever means you choose) and please use the method called authenticate so that you can share your video annotation with Ellen so she can view it and grade your assignment.
  • In the top right of the screen you will click on the button for new ant
  • You will enter the link to this video: which is of Christian – a baby boy of 9 months (8 months adjusted age).
  • Then click load video. Read the instructions on the Videoant website to the right of the window where the video becomes visible once you enter the link.
  • Enter the title for YOUR video annotation which should be named as follows: LAST NAME _developmentalchecklistassignment.  (Use your own last name).
  • Then click the start annotating button.  A new screen will come up and you will see the video and a play button.  When you click play, the video will start and there is a button under the video that says Add an Annotation.  When you click that, the video pauses and a window opens for you to type in a subject and content about what you are seeing.  When you click save for your annotation, the video will start again.  You can also pause it at the top - there is a pause button.  You can go back through the video as much as you need to and can keep adding annotations where you feel appropriate.
  • In this video, as an example of what you could annotate, at about 11 seconds in, the therapist makes a noise with the toy and the infant looks to the noise.  The annotation subject could be, orienting to a sound.  The content could be "When the therapist shut the door of the toy, the infant heard the sound and looked towards it- showing an orienting response."  That would be your first annotation.
  • Once you have made all of your annotations and are ready to turn in your assignment, look at the bottom of the window where you are making your annotations and you will see a "share" button that will bring you to a window where you get a link to share this video annotation with others.  You need to copy and paste that link onto a word doc to save it.  You will submit the link to Ellen via BB. If you dont see this share button but instead see a little gear symbol, click that (settings button) and then you should see an option to share.  It will create a new link that will allow others to see your annotation.  Please submit this link for us.

The video annotation portion of the assignment will be worth 80 points.
You must have at least 16 annotations (5 points each) but will likely have many more than that. For the 16, they must be 16 different ones, you can not get credit for noting the same behavior over and over. Consider the following as you choose and select what to annotate.

-What types of sitting do you see Christian do?
-What positions do you see him attain?
-Do you see any trunk rotation?
-How are his balance reactions?  Does he weight shift?
-Did you note any developmental reflexes present?
-What motions do you see him do against gravity? (shoulder flexion, hip flexion, elbow flexion, neck flexion, neck extension etc.).
-Do you see him track objects with his eyes?
-What grasping patterns do you see him use?
-Does he do anything bimanually?
-Does he isolate any digits?
-Do you see him shift his weight independently?
-Do you see him independently change his position from one to another?
-How is his demeanor and behavior?
-Does he respond to sensation appropriately?
-How does he seem socially with adults?

In addition to the video annotation, you will answer the following questions and turn this in on a word doc to BB.

1. What does adjusted or corrected age mean? What would adjusted age mean to you as a therapist watching his movement? Are you comparing him to a 9 month old or an 8 month old in your mind? (5 points)

2. Why do you think he is so fussy on his stomach? (5 points)

3. Do you feel he is typically developing or delayed? Explain why you think so using your  knowledge of typical development as part of your rationale. Provide at least 3 observations that support your answer. Consider both gross and fine motor areas. (10 points).


  • The link below is a quick clip of a video annotation I made on another video, so you can see a sample of how it works.

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