By Sophia Spurlock

During the Industrial Revolution, many things in America were changing and improving, but nothing helped change and improve America quite as fast as inventions. Inventions are machines or things that people invent to make life easier. The loom is an example; sewing and making cloth for clothes was time consuming, tiring, and sometimes dangerous. It was very difficult and confusing to work some of these manual machines. You would use the loom after cutting the wool off of the sheep, brushing it out, and then putting it into string, you would put some spools of thread onto the loom. Working this complicated device is, well complicated; you have to push a pedal to change the gears, throw a spool of thread across, pull a panel which will tighten the string, and repeat. This process was very slow and tiresome. Inventing the automatic loom was a step up. It was the same process, but by machine and this was faster and made cloth more efficiently. This however was even more dangerous. If something were to go wrong, the machine would not stop, thus putting the worker in danger. This can relate to the modern day sewing machine, in a way that they both are used to make clothes. The sewing machine however doesn't make the cloth, but the clothes itself. It’s a step up from hand sewing, which is slow and painful (when pricked). Inventions have been around for many, many years and they have helped and hurt the world in many ways.

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