Got engaged in Cape Canaveral, Fl on the sunset beach.

Amazing new beginnings!

2013 was definitely not an easy year by far. The challenges that were presented to me were one of the hardest in my life. Even though times got hard I came back In top and with a little extra.

• I left the Father of two of my children due to excessive lying and cheating.

• I finally found the man of my dreams.(literally)

• WE GOT ENGAGED. In Cape Canaveral, FL on the beach close to sunset. ( simply magical)

• Went hunting for the first time ever.

• Ran a Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k

• my oldest daughter started 1st grade.

• Found out my son has asthma.

• went camping and it rained EVERYTIME. Still fun though.

Bonus points:

If we win the $250 in Feb. We will more than likely be able to afford a traditional wedding instead of a courthouse. Also be able to put a down payment on a small home instead of living apart while being married. Buy a minivan so we can fit our four children.

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